Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1st Grade Book Covers (I'm still here!)

I am way behind this year. Behind on Artsonia (like I just finished posting some of our first projects, yikes!), and way behind on blogging. Instead of giving you a bunch of excuses, I'll just share a picture of a one day project I did with 1st grade a couple of weeks ago. We talked about how artists can be involved with books- the illustrations on the inside and the design of the covers. The students pretended that they had written a book and designed the cover. If they finished with that, I gave them more freedom on the inside. Some made more illustrations and some wrote the story!
One class had been given more than their fair share of second chances to correct their volume level in the week before so they "earned" no talking during this class period. That's probably why I thought this little girl was thinking of me when she designed the cover for her new book "The very mean Art teacher." I gave her a skeptical look and she said "What? It's not you!" Then she made sure her drawing had a blonde Art teacher just to convince me. :)
I wish I would have had more time to ask about her drawing!