Saturday, May 19, 2012

Super Smart Ideas from a Colleague

I wanted to share two ideas from another elementary Art teacher in my district, Ms.Stesman. I saw these during visits to her room for early release PLC meetings and asked if I could take a couple pictures.
First, the paintbrushes. How smart is this? A simple visual but very effective. My students talk about "Mr.Brush"all the time so I know they will be excited when I make my version next year. I told her they also make me think of Young Sloppy Brush!

Next, Ms.Stessman tied in watercolor painting techniques with the water cycle, which is part of I think the 4th grade's science curriculum. Super smart!

We don't get to meet as a PLC very often since there are 4 elementary Art teachers covering 7 schools, but I always learn something when we are able to get together.


  1. Katie I HAVE to do this brush thing above my sink too! I think every art room would have one of these visuals if all the teachers could see this. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!

  2. That visual is great! I have been teaching my K-2's about Mr. Brush at my current field placement and they are really responding, except there are so many who say "What about Mrs. Paintbrush?" So cute, I think I will have to add in that video now so they can see the whole family of brushes, hehe.

  3. Love it. Mr. Brush is everywhere!