Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life Update

 Last night someone asked me if my 3rd year of teaching has been better than last year. At first I said "Did I say it was bad last year?" And she clarified, "I mean, usually, it gets easier." I told her that it has definitely been busier! I enjoy the Master's course I'm taking, but man, is it a lot of work! I haven't had time to write a substantive blog post this week, but I thought I could spare a few minutes before I start my homework to share some pictures of my last couple weeks.
This is what my kitchen counter looks like most nights. I have to spread out all my books and notes from different sources to work. 

I volunteered to make some picture cut outs for Family Fun Night at school. It's a fundraiser for PTO. Some 5th grade students helped me finish painting these 3 and 2 others. They were mostly done with leftover tempera paint from other projects that I didn't want to waste.

Blogger is being a pain and won't let me rearrange the order of my pictures, so it's going against my sequential nature, but they're going to be out of chronological order. 
My brother got married this weekend! This is the grooms cake that my mom made. She also made the big wedding cake. They both sat on tree sealed tree stumps for bases.
And here is a picture of my little family. I was honored to be a bridesmaid. 
The flowers have been really pretty this year, and lots blooming early. This picture was taken at a park last weekend. My 16 month old son has learned how to "smell" flowers. It's pretty cute to see him bend and sniff each one.
 One of my favorite parts of Spring Break was teaching my little guy how to make cookies. He watched me for a couple minutes then picked up the roller and the cutter to "help"!

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