Thursday, April 12, 2012

5th grade Venn Diagram Projects

 This project is similar to the 4th grade Description lesson I posted a couple days ago. Instead of using descriptors of one piece of Art for their inspiration, the students compared 2 different works, then drew their inspiration from the similarities. The students did not know what they would be using the Venn Diagram for in the beginning. I thought it would get too complicated if they knew ahead of time. I just encouraged the students to choose different artwork than their friends. 

As far as the similarities go, I didn't tell them a minimum number of similarities they had to use and the similarities could have been anything from a symmetrical composition to a certain color scheme or type of shape. The first class period was for filling out the Venn Diagram and then planning their idea, and getting it approved by me. The next 2 class periods were spent completing their work.

I REALLY wish this student hadn't missed a class period because I would have LOVED to see this finished. One of her inspiration pieces was an Aboriginal print my friends brought me from Australia.

Once again, prints featuring geometric shapes and patterns were popular. I think these 2 students chose an Op Art painting and an Amish Quilt to compare.

One of the artworks this student described was by Remedios Varo.


  1. I just found your blog, I really like the balance between your rational for choices as an educator and explaining the lessons. I am quitting my job to be a full time volunteer art teacher at a low income public school next year and look forward to using your blog as a resource!

  2. Very interesting approach for comparing and contrasting different styles of art!

    1. It could also work as a whole class activity. Everyone would have the same criteria but could interpret differently.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I had to do a different sort of diagrams for my younger sister. And for this I recommend this site