Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy-Ish Youth Art Month

Happy Youth Art Month! I was passing back artwork when I finally got an idea for my K-3rd grade YAM bulletin board. (I had to run back to the work room to pull artwork back out of teacher mailboxes...) I painted Ramon from Peter H. Reynolds' Ish on a piece of poster board, as well as a sun. 
 The words are painted directly on the white butcher paper. I really wish the butcher paper was a bit more opaque. It bugs me that you can see where the layers overlap but hopefully with all the other stuff going on, nobody else notices. I think people walking by on Friday probably thought I just had a really shaky hand when I started painting. I was trying to match the writing from the book. :)
After I painted the message, I connected the end of the last word to Ramon's pencil. This reminds me that I need to make a little sign- Mrs.Morris YAM Book Recommendations or something that will explain Ish. Somebody said "Happy-ish? Like sort of happy?"

I hung students' Ish drawings around the bulletin board. A few weeks ago, K-2nd grade students listened to and discussed Ish then made Ish artwork. They drew directly with sharpie so that if they made a mistake, they had to make it great and couldn't erase! Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the one class period project. It would be great for the first week of school. The drawings below were made by Kindergarten and 1st grade students. Enjoy!

The story of Capture-Ish: "A caterpillar who is broken-hearted because his friend captured him and is taking him to a zoo." Great vocabulary for a Kinder!


  1. Another wonderful bulletin board. Katie, I've linked back to this post over on my bulletin board site. jan

  2. I love your bulletin board. I did think the same thing when I read the title of your post though, "sort of happy." I love that book, though, I was afraid that you'd had a bad month!