Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old Black Fly with Paint Splatters

I love the book Old Black Fly (cick to see a preview on Amazon's website) by Jim Aylesworth with illustrations by Stephen Gammel. This year my 3rd graders drew Old Black Fly with crayons and we decided to add paint splatters to mimic the illustrations in the book. Most colors look super cool splattered on the artwork.
Red, however, looks like blood. Still cool, but could be a little gruesome. Next time we'll substitute another color choice! :)


  1. Such a good idea! I am having my art club make these flies on a welcome banner for Jim Aylesworth since he is coming to our school next month.
    I think I will stay away from the red splatter!

  2. That's awesome! I would love to see him. We just had Diane deGroat visit my schools yesterday.