Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This student's artist statements are always pretty darn negative. It was hard to do this, I don't like that, etc, etc. I thought this statement, written about his Jazz Painting, was going to be the same. I'm glad I quit rolling my eyes long enough to read the last sentence:
But when I finished it looked like a Masterpiece.

I am so glad that he finally saw something in his artwork he was proud of. 


  1. Doesn't that just make your heart glow!!!!

  2. And he kept up his efforts in spite of his trouble to climb that mountain. Wonderful

  3. Now THAT'S why we all teach Art! Amen!

  4. Wow! My first thought is that poor child! To use his own words I bet he's hard on himself! Thank goodness he's finding some success in your class that he needs. Way to go Katie getting through to him!