Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sub Plans- Lesson Learned

Sooo.... I used to have a folder with sub plans in it.  Then I decided to re-do the whole thing and ditched it.  I had it on my to-do list but turns out it should have been a lot closer to the top!  Today is the second day this week that my son has been sick with some sort of stomach virus.  It was also the second morning that I found myself trying to quickly type sub plans and email to our school secretary!  I had plenty of ideas, I just wanted to be able to present them better so I put it off.  Lesson learned!

Conferences start tonight after school and go 12 hours tomorrow.  I'm hoping that he'll be feeling better by this afternoon so I can go in (and just because I feel bad when he's sick.)  Not that I'll probably have any parents stop to see me, I just would rather only use 8 sick hours than 12 since I had to use all my days last year for maternity leave.


  1. I'm still working on my lesson plan folders.

    With this being my first year teaching elementary it's been hard to get everything together. So I have the introductory page, attendance lists, and seating charts ready but still need the actual lessons.

    It's hard for me to choose the lessons because I'm on a cart and don't want the sub to need lots of materials.

    Still working on it!

  2. Sub plans....the very worst part of teaching IMHO. I always try to do an excellent job for my sub, but it takes me almost a whole work day (aside from my actual teaching time) to get it done. I've been working on plans for my absence tomorrow, for days now, and I still got home late tonight.

  3. Here's a new spin on the writing sub lesson problem. I'm a first year teacher... almost. I am currently finishing up my student teaching, but was hired back in my home county. Until I finish my a fore mentioned student teaching, my two elementary schools have a joint substitute in my rooms. I hadn't even gone through student teaching before I had to write thirteen weeks of lesson plans for two schools worth of kids I still have yet to meet. Thank god for one of the other teachers in the county helping me out. I was freaking.

  4. Amanda, that must have been overwhelming!

  5. After years of trying many sub plans I finally have figured out something that really works. If you're interested check out my blog where I spell it out for k-6th grades. It may work for you too.

  6. I've recovered. Best medicine turns out to be reading art teacher blogs for motivation on steroids.

    I do however have a current crisis in need of advice from far more experienced art teachers' like yourself and some of your readers. I'm starting officially at the a fore mentions K-5 elementary schools on Nov. 28th. Coming back with the kids after Thanksgiving, but only three weeks before they head home again for Christmas break. What should I do with them?!? Jump right into a project, or use my time for getting to know each other and setting up my processes and procedures?

    Although I'll be fresh from college, teaching is in my blood and I don't consider myself an average first year teacher. So don't hold back. What would you do? Please and thank you oh'-so-much-you-just-don't-know!

  7. I think if I were in your situation, I would try to do both at the same time! Some people say they teach expectations as they come up but I like to get it out of the way. I figure it's a good thing if they kids know how they are supposed to act before they do something "wrong". You could introduce yourself with some of your artwork, maybe a self portrait, and then make your first lesson something about getting to know the students.