Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3rd Grade Origami Fish

I explained in my last post that my K-3rd grade school started off the year with a fish theme.  I had the idea to make origami fish and put them on a cool painted background.  I taught an origami boat/Monet water lilies lesson last year that went over well so I figured the fish idea would work.  It did work, but in the future, I won't be doing origami for the first project!  I'll let those little minds get used to following directions first, and hope they'll get over the "I can't"s before attempting origami.

I had never made an origami fish before but I figured it shouldn't be too hard to find a pattern that was doable with students.  It was a little harder than I anticipated to find a good pattern.  I tried out several and came up with two that I liked.

My schedule was weird again due to Labor Day.  I knew that my Monday classes would have a class and a half instead of two, my Tuesday classes would have two full class periods, and my Friday kids would have two classes as well.  After I made the plan, I found out that my Friday classes would be gone on a field trip so they ended up with only one class, which is why there are 3 different versions of the project in the first photo!

I started my Monday classes on this Pureland Fish (Pattern by Marc Kirschenbaum) at the end of the first class after the expectations and procedures review.  We finished it at the beginning of the second class then after discussing fish habitats, the students were given cool colored tempera paint to create a background and for added interest they drew a line with glue which they sprinkled *sand on.  Students also used sharpies to add details to their fish.

*I may be a little obsessed with sand.  But it's cheap, it makes texture really easy to understand, and it's lots of fun!  The students would put sand on every project if I'd let them.  They get super excited and ask "Is it REAL sand?"

 I used the cooler/more complicated pattern for my Tuesday classes.  It starts with a pinwheel pattern so I had to look up how to make those as well.  It took quite a while to complete this fish- at least a class and a half.  The students were not left with little time paint their backgrounds so no time for sand!  I don't know if I would try this pattern with 3rd graders again, at least not until much later in the year.

 Friday classes had to move really quickly!  We used cardboard tubes and styrofoam cups to print blue and white paint on blue construction paper then made the fish while that dried.  The students had just a couple minutes left to glue down their fish, add details to their fish and background, and glue down sand.

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  1. These are gorgeous. I love origami and will be trying this one out at some point. Thanks!