Monday, August 22, 2011

Prang vs. Crayola... sort of

I read a post over at Deep Space Sparkle today where Patty discusses her favorite paint supplies for the classroom.  She mentioned that she was looking to try pan watercolors other than Prang.  Last year, one of the teachers at school brought me a whole box full of Art supplies that were left from her classroom.  Included in the box were several trays of Crayola watercolors.  I came up with the brilliant plan of making two watercolor paintings, one with Prang and one with Crayola, so I could compare the results.  What I didn't count on was that I would end up wanting to make paintings with two totally different color schemes!  I ended up with two paintings of birds but other than that, they aren't very similar so my color comparison experiment is a bust.  I think I should just do something simple like a color wheel to compare.  I'll add that to my list of 137 things to do. :)

Here is a wood duck painted with Prang watercolors, below is a rainforest bird (I think some kind of bee eater but I'm having trouble with the identification) painted with Crayola watercolors.


  1. love the wood duck!
    I think there is some discrepancy even in the PRANG brand. I have sets of 16 colors where the oval pops out and can be replaced and those have great color. I also have the cheaper sets of 10 or 12 colors where you can't replace the ovals and those are pretty muddy looking.

  2. So beautiful birds!!!!!I like the wood duck more than the rainforest bird, either they are diferent colors.Very interesting blog! Kisses from Greece.

  3. Thanks! I like the wood duck better too. I never wanted to paint them before because I think they seem show off-y but I decided to go for it since I liked the reflections in my photo. I did make the colors a little brighter in the water when I painted it! :)

  4. I love the wood duck!