Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Creative Photography Week 3

My assignment last week was "Narrative".  I found a note I had scribbled to myself that said Little Gingerbread Man.  Luckily, I have access to a stuffed fox so that came in handy.  I baked gingerbread for the first time and altered the shape of the cookies as well as the decoration with royal icing to help tell the story.  I just have a few days left in this class!  It has been frustrating at times but I've mostly enjoyed it.  Our final assignment is a self-directed body of work.  I chose to work on photographing flowers at night.  I just have to narrow it down to 20 photos to turn in then I'll put the link here in case anyone is interested.  If you're not interested in photography, never fear!  I have more lessons and ideas to blog about and should have more time in July to get caught up from the school year.