Monday, April 11, 2011

Use for Egg Cartons

If you are like me and can never turn down materials, even if you don't have an immediate idea for them, you'll probably like this project!  I was really excited to see this today when I checked out the Artsonia lesson plans of the week.  It says the goal of this project was for students to learn about different color schemes.  I had never thought of using egg cartons as a canvas before!  I had only thought of using them as more of sculpture ingredients. (One of my Kindergarten classes made some funny ants that I'll have to post later!)  This project was completed by a 7th grade student but I think it could easily be adapted for younger kids.  I don't always find something I'll use in the lesson plans of the week but I think I'll give this one a try!  If you are registered on Artsonia, you can view the lesson plan here:

...and if you're not and want to be, it's really quick to register and get started!  Go here:


  1. That is incredible! We printed with egg cartons so they got painted without purposely painting them! We have so many egg cartons we will be doing this and what a fun surface to paint on! Thanks for the inspiration! I will probably have more fun painting than my daughter!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have zillions of egg cartons in the storage closet!

    Kate Eshelman
    Big Rapids, MI

  3. Once they are colored, they are great as bulletin board. I used them as part of a drawing see my post
    I love your blog

  4. That's a really great use for egg cartons! Very cool!