Friday, March 11, 2011

Youth Art Month Response

Just wanted to share some positive feedback I've gotten about the YAM cards I sent to everyone and their brother at the district office!

"I received an art month card with artwork by _____ on the front. I'm enjoying it-displayed on the wall by my desk where I can look at it and smile!
Thanks for the work you do to enrich our students' lives and to ensure that we are teaching the whole child."


"Thank you for sending over the beautiful card from art work created by ________! It is sitting on my desk and whenever it starts getting a little gloomy around here I glance at _______'s card and it always cheers me up! Great card! Very colorful!
Thanks for all you do to inspire and enhance creativity in your classroom/program!"

I thought it was nice that they took the time to send an email about the cards.  One of my principals also mentioned that he thought the cards were really cool and it reminded him to ask me about getting nice frames and blowing up student artwork to be displayed in the office at school!  I'm really excited about the artwork that will be displayed.  We're hoping it will be done when we come back from Spring Break.


  1. what a great idea! did you scan the work and print copies?

  2. I photograph all the artwork for Artsonia anyway, so I just ordered small prints from Snapfish. It was pretty cheap so I didn't mind ordering instead of printing them and the quality is probably better too!