Monday, December 20, 2010

5th Grade Food Sculptures

5th grade students learned about Pop Artist, Claes Oldenburg, and viewed images of his food sculptures.    The students had 2 class periods to make their own miniature food sculptures out of air dry clay- one to construct and one to paint.  I showed the students how they could make their sculptures hollow to stretch their alloted clay further.  Some made pinch pots to stick together for the main body of the sculpture, some used slabs and coils, and some just made their artwork solid.  Pizza slices and hotdogs seemed to be the most popular foods at my school.  I took some cool photos of students acting like they were eating their sculptures but I won't be adding them since they show the students' faces.  This project was a big hit!

I like how this student made his orange not quite ripe!

Apple core with toothpick stem.

Burger, fries, and a drink.


Moldy Cheese!

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