Monday, December 27, 2010

1st Grade Color Mixing Paintings

For an easy one class period project, I gave the students a piece of white paper and tempera cakes in only the primary colors and white.  I told the students they could make anything they wanted as long as it was "nice for school" and they showed me mixing the primary colors to create secondary colors.  During one of my classes, we had a fire drill and there was something wrong with the alarm so we ended up being outside for 30 minutes of my 40 minute class.  Thankfully the weather was nice for a Kansas November afternoon but there was no time to do the project.  We had to go on to the next project the following week and I had a student in tears because she didn't get to make Art that day and, as she told me, "I -sob- LOVE Art!"  I'll have to make sure their class gets to do a similar project sometime this spring.  Anyway, here are some of the projects!

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