Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5th Grade True Color Self Portraits

Have you ever taken a True Color personality quiz?  They are pretty interesting.  You can end up being categorized as a blue, yellow, orange, or green.  Here are my summaries of the colors, much shorter (if you believe I am capable of a short description!) than the long descriptions that were listed at the end of the quiz I gave.

Blues seek harmony in relationships and are sensitive, intuitive, and creative.
Yellows are all about responsibility- they have a strong sense of right and wrong and want everybody to do their part.
Oranges are all about energy (the students who can't sit still and the class clowns), they like action and attention.
Greens are independent, like logic and facts, are curious, and innovative.

I had the students take a True Color quiz on the first day to find out which color they would be using in their monochromatic self portraits.  I wasn't thinking about it at first but this does incorporate math when the students have to add up lots of numbers to get their results.  I had several students that thought they tied but when I double checked the math, I think I only had about 3 of 110-ish students that really did tie.  I told those students they could either pick the color that they thought seemed most like them or use both.

Just like in the 6th grade self portraits, we talked about facial proportion and shading, just with tints and shades of one color instead of all.  I did let students use a tiny bit of bordering colors on the color wheel to mix in, as long as the main color appeared to be their result.

This project went over very well.  Although I did have a 5th grade boy in tears and one on the verge out of frustration at one point (that was a rough day, apparently) the students all seemed to be really proud of their projects and I was happy with the results.


  1. I love this idea Katie! Their portraits are wonderful. Where can I find an age appropriate quiz? I found a couple but they ask more grown up questions.(I'm a blue btw ;D ) I think my 3rd-5th graders would enjoy this project.

  2. I'm still looking for a better, age appropriate quiz. I took one at KAY camp when I was in 8th grade that took about 5 minutes so I wish I still had that! One of my friends sent me a copy of the quiz that her sales teams use and I just tried to make the descriptions shorter and change some of the vocabulary. It still took a whole class period to take the quiz so I'm hoping to find a shorter one to use in the future.

    I'm also a blue! I bet lots of us art teachers are. I was just one point away from tying with yellow. I had my husband take the quiz and he had green as his strongest color and blue as his weakest, mine was blue as the strongest and green as the weakest. I thought it was really interesting to see what results the students got. Some were pretty easy to pick out, some surprised me!