Sunday, November 7, 2010

5th Grade Reflection Projects

On Thursday afternoons the 5th grade classes rotate to different Specials teachers during the grade level collaboration.  So it takes me 5 weeks to see all of the 5th grade classes for the "bonus" class.  We are just supposed to plan a 40-minute lesson that incorporates math/reading/writing and our content areas.  I really enjoy the extra Art time with the students.  The first collaboration project I did with the students this year was a really quick tessellation project that used translation.  We have just finished up an art project that used reflection.  Now I need to come up with something for next Thursday that uses rotation so that I'll have covered the 3 transformations they learn about in Math.

Here are some of the reflection projects!


Check out this post on Notan (or just search for it to see lots of cool pictures!)  I have seen this project tons of times but I never knew it was based on "notan", a Japanese design principal about positive and negative space.

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