Saturday, November 20, 2010

1st Grade Circle Prints

 This idea was inspired by the circle printing lesson on Art is the Best Part of the Day.  This was a two class period project.  On the first day, we reviewed organic and geometric shapes (that seems to be my "thing" this year) and talked about how overlapping creates new shapes.  We used styrofoam cups like I saw on Art is the Best Part of the Day but we also added cardboard tubes for variety in size paint.  I put black tempera paint out in little trays and showed the students how to stick the cups and tubes in the paint, then print on their papers.  I asked the students to have overlapping and to fill the space.  
On day 2, I showed the students how to find the new shapes that were created by overlapping and asked them to not have two shapes of the same color that touched.  I also reminded them to trace the outline of the shape with crayon first before carefully coloring the inside.

Some students got a little carried away with printing and had LOTS of little shapes to try to color in.  I encouraged the students to take their time and think about where they were putting each circle but some just couldn't resist! :)


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