Monday, October 18, 2010


Now that the first nine weeks are over, I figured it's finally time to write about the first week of Art at my 4-6 school!  I had learned about Zentangles the week before school started and thought it would be a great project for the first day.  Here's why: 
1. Zentangles are primarily made from lines which is what I wanted to start off every grade with this year.
2. Zentangles are quick and I knew that we would not have a ton of time after the expectations and procedures were covered
3. I wanted the students to know how to make a Zentangle so if they finished another project early, I could have them work on a Zentangle

If you are not familiar with Zentangles, check out  They are basically small scale (officially 3 1/2 inches square) abstract drawings that are supposed to increase creativity and aid in relaxation or meditation.  The students really enjoyed making them.  Oh!  The best part is that they have to be drawn in ink so there is NO ERASING!  If you make a mistake, you HAVE to make it great.  Several teachers commented on the drawings in the hallway and said they liked them because it seems like all the students could be successful.  I made a sign to display next to the artwork that explains what they are and how to make them (and that anyone can make one.)  I have had several students tell me that they showed their parents how to make the drawings.

This pair of shoes was inspired by Zentangles.  A lady I know bought a cheap pair of canvas shoes and decorated with sharpie.  They look so fun!

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