Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kindergarten Overlapping Pumpkins

This is another repeat lesson from last year.  Last year I mainly wanted to do this lesson to show students that overlapping creates depth/space, but this year I tried to focus more on shape (my SMART goal).  I showed the students how to draw a pumpkin by starting with a tall, skinny ellipse.  After that, we added shapes to each side that we decided looked like bananas.  After the middle was drawn and one section was added to each side, it looked like a hotdog!  The comparisons seemed to help the students remember.  One of the Kindergarten teachers told me she asked the students to draw pumpkins in their classroom.  She was expecting circles and they started drawing the pumpkins with sections!  Then yesterday, on the Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch, they were finding pumpkins and pointing out the ellipse shaped sections!  I was really excited that they were paying attention and learning and sharing that!

Hmmm... I edited the rest of these so I don't know why they are showing up un-cropped!

This student asked if he could make a pattern in his background!  (Of course I said yes!)

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