Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art In-Tents

 I just wanted to make a post to share pictures from the Art In-Tents event and show that was planned and executed by the K-12 Art Faculty in my district.
 One of the high school Art teachers explaining the printmaking project.
 Wire Wrapped Jewelry Display

 Families checking out the Printmaking Display

Below is a small selection of the prints my students made by drawing into styrofoam pieces.  These are the more successful prints where the students listened to the instructor's suggestions and put a little thought into their work!

 *I think it's interesting that two of the 6th grade students made self portraits by choice when the self portrait project we just finished was NOT popular...


  1. I'm looking for easy art ideas and the one with the styrofoam sounds pretty easy. Can you give me basics on how it is done?

  2. I'm not sure if the high school Art teachers ordered styrofoam or exactly where they got it. I remember doing the project when I was in 5th grade- my teacher got some styrofoam trays (the kind used for meat) from the grocery store. We drew designs into them with pencil. The pencil makes enough of an impression that the line will show when it's printed. They told the students to just make designs with lines and shapes since they had very limited time and those were the more successful prints. Of course, it could be done with any sort of image as long as the artist keeps in mind that it will print in reverse. After the design was done, they just inked the plate using a brayer and made three prints so they could pick the best one.