Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hanoch Piven

I am in LOVE with this artist's work!  I learned about Hanoch Piven about a month ago while perusing Daniel Pink's blog.  I am getting started with a 4th grade project inspired by his work so I will post pictures as students finish.  (Unfortunately with our schedule, this will not be for at least a month!)  Piven has made illustrations for numerous books and magazines and has even had some of his own books published.  "My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil" has visual similes and just looks very creative and fun.  Click on the picture above to be directed to his blog and see more illustrations from the book!

I'm hoping to buy some of his books when I get my PTO money and put the rest on my Christmas list to add to my personal collection.  (I especially want "The Perfect Purple Feather" for my younger students.)  Here is a video of Piven talking about his work on the news.


  1. Very cool. The new secondary art teacher in my district has a class where she'll be teaching digital photo and Photoshop. I see this video as a great intro for a really fun portrait assignment - to use a selection of found objects to create and then photograph a portrait or self-portrait (or something other than a portrait would work too), and then alter it digitally on the computer to really show the character of the subject. Lots of possibilities. I'd like to do this myself!

  2. These books are great, Katie, thanks for sharing! I also really liked looking at images from "What Presidents are made of"

    --Kate Eshelman
    Big Rapids, MI

  3. Thanks for sharing that, Katie. It reminds me of a lesson from Kathy Weisman Topal's book, Beautiful Junk. jan

  4. all his books look great. i could also see incorporating this into a nature walk, especially now that we are headed into this beautiful autumn weather ♥