Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goals for the Rest of the Summer

I decided to post my list of school-related goals so maybe I'll be more organized and get them done in about a month.  My time management skills kind of go out the window during the summer...

  • Read my copy of Rethinking Curriculum in Art (and record time spent reading to turn in for knowledge points!)
  • Re-read the student surveys from 4-6th grade and tally their favorite projects of the year.  This should help me see which lessons are "MUST do's" and if there were any the students were lukewarm on.
  • Make a spreadsheet of lessons for each grade level.  I am going to try a more sequential approach to the order my lessons are presented in this year- line, shape, color, etc. and see if the students and I like that better.  I want to make a spreadsheet so I can see what I already have from last year that will work and start planning my new ideas!
  • Start planning sub lessons for my maternity leave!  (Or at least getting ideas...)

1 comment:

  1. Those sound like helpful goals. I'm interested in what the surveys tell you are the must-do projects.