Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Artsonia Idol

Artsonia Idol is a new contest this year for high school students.  This is what Artsonia says about it:
Hundreds of high school students from around the country submitted five pieces of artwork based on different themes. Our distinguished judges rigorously evaluated and pared this list to the best Top 50 artists. Now, you can take part in this contest by placing your vote each week for your favorite artwork.
I have been voting the last couple of weeks and I love seeing all the different interpretations of the theme.  You can use the link above to vote on your favorite.  It's down to the top 12 and the theme this week is "Nature".  Voting is open to the public, take a minute to check it out and help out some young artists! 

The prizes are listed below if you are interested
  • Winner receives $1000 Blick Art Materials giftcard (the teacher also receives a $500 Blick Art Materials giftcard too!)
  • Top 3 each receive large canvas prints of each of their five artwork ($300 value)
  • Top 6 each receive an Artsonia Gift Package - 10 chosen items from the Artsonia Gift Shop ($150 value)
  • Top 12 each receive a personalized magnet showing each of their five artwork ($30 value)
  • Top 25 each receive Artsonia Idol Commemorative Certificate

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