Thursday, February 4, 2010

Youth Art Month

I am making my preparations for the Youth Art Month celebration here in Kansas.  The last Saturday in February is the date set aside by KAEA to set up the exhibit at the State Capital building and have our reception.  There building is still under construction for renovations so the artwork will only be up for a day but it's still a great advocacy tool and I am really excited about it!  Every art teacher in the state, whether or not they are members of KAEA, can choose one piece of student artwork to be represented by.

This is the (wax resist) painting that I have chosen, created by a 5th grade student for my "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees" lesson.  This student's painting is called "If Only Peace Grew on Trees..."

Created by Caitlin, grade 5


  1. What a great job did this student!

  2. She came in during two recesses to finish because she wanted to make it so detailed! :)