Thursday, February 25, 2010

"There are two artists that I really like..."

So last week I started introducing our mural project to my 4th-6th grade students.  I showed them some murals from Art History, especially murals from Kansas, and murals that I have painted.
The Artists included:
John Steuart Curry (painted mural of John Brown in the Kansas State Capital Building)
Thomas Hart Benton
Diego Rivera
Joan Miro (ceramic mural at the Ulrich Art Museum, Wichita State University)

I showed the classes a series of murals I painted in the children's wing of a local church.  It was obviously inspired by Vincent van Gogh (I explained that I used his idea of swirls and mixing colors but did not "copy" him)

We had a couple extra minutes in line at the end of class so we did a survey.  I reviewed the list of murals from Art History that we saw and asked the students to name their favorite.  Anyway, the reason I had to make this quick post is that one of the 4th grade students, being totally sincere, told me: 
Mrs.Morris, there are two artists that I really like: Vincent van Gogh and you.
It was sweet and cracked me up at the same time.  He was only sucking up a little bit, right? :)

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  1. NO I'm sure he wasn't just sucking up! That is so very sweet!