Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Shoe Turkeys- Kindergarten

This was a great one-day project for Kindergarten. We have 40 minute class periods and about the first 10 minutes were spent talking about turkeys. I asked the students why we would be talking about turkeys in November and for them to tell me everything they knew about the birds. I made my dad and my brother proud by telling them things about turkeys I know from growing up in a hunting family. (My brother likes to tease and asked me if they were awake when I was done talking!) They already knew about the special tail feathers but I told them that turkeys "strut" and spread out their fans, have spurs for fighting, and even have beards. The students thought the idea of turkeys having beards was pretty funny. The students already knew about the waddle. After we discussed turkey anatomy, behavior, and names (Tom, Jake, hens), I showed the students how we would use our shoes to make the basic body shape. I took my shoe off and traced it on the whiteboard to talk them through it then the students either took their shoe off to trace or stepped on the paper while I traced for them.

You can see more Shoe Turkeys in our Artsonia gallery.

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  1. Totally just wrote this one up as a lesson plan for my last week of student observation! And I think my adviser will be observing me for a Kindergarten class too. Thanks!

    Love, love, love reading your blog.