Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shoe Fish!

I did this project with a class of mostly Kindergarten students. I think I got the idea off of Kinderart. We looked at some pictures of fish and talked about basic fish anatomy. The Paras and I helped the students trace around their shoe in the middle of a 9x12 inch piece of paper. After the shoes were traced, the students added fins, a tail, gills, and a face. I liked using the shoe to get the basic shape and am going to try it to make turkeys with my Kindergarten classes this week.

After the students finished their shoe fish, they taped theirs to a piece of blue butcher paper. The first student started to draw a hook and fishing line and ended up with 3 hooks. They started going crazy with the fishing lines and really enjoyed themselves. I did not give any direction on what to draw on the butcher paper. I just put the tape on the fish so they could place it and gave them markers. The class was mostly boys so it would be interesting to see how it would turn out with more girls working on the project.

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