Sunday, August 30, 2009

First two weeks of school

I am getting ready to start my third week of school as a real life art teacher.  Everything has gone great so far.  During the first week, I went over the basic expectations and procedures for the art room at both PC and PS.  I had students do a quick project with their name included to help me try to learn their names faster.  I wonder when students learn the difference between a question and a statement.  When I asked if there were any questions about the rules, I got statements such as "when two wrestlers fight... one wins" and "we used to have a cat that had kittens in the dryer."  Pretty funny to hear them.
I started my more regular projects during week two at PC and finished up my "first days" at PS.
Kindergarten- We read Mouse Paint and talked about how primary colors are used to mix other colors.  I had made a line drawing of three mice the week before so each student was given a copy- a piece of paper with the mice on the top half and the bottom half empty.  I passed out trays with red, blue, and yellow paint and gave each student three q-tips.  As a class we painted each mouse half of one color and half of another so the colors could mix in the middle.  This week the students will draw a cat on the bottom half.
First Grade- Using crazy quilts to learn about line, shape, and pattern.  Showed the students a PowerPoint, found examples of patterns in the classroom, and started drawing lines to create rectangular and triangular "fabric sections" in an asymmetrical composition.  Next, the students will use markers to create the fabric patterns and stitches.
Second Grade- Used pictures of animals to learn about lines and shapes.  Students started drawing pictures of animals that have patterns.  Could be a real patterned animal or give a plain animal an imaginary pattern.  Next, the students will finish the drawings with colored pencil.
Third Grade- Learned about Vincent van Gogh's sunflower series and looked at other artists' paintings of sunflowers as well as a few of my sunflower photographs.  The students started line drawing studies of sunflowers (I cut some from my garden so they could observe them) and next class they will draw the sunflowers on scratch boards. 

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